Roadside Barriers: Can they really reduce the impact of accidents

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Safety barriers are used to stop ‘out of control’ vehicles either from leaving the road and hitting roadside hazards, including slopes (roadside barriers) or crossing into the path of on-coming vehicles. They are designed to redirect the vehicle and have a lower severity than the roadside hazard they protect.

A Korean company, ETI Co ltd designed a clever and very safe design to lower the impacts of accidents. They call it the Road Roller System.

A similar product is also developed by a Korean company, KSI Ltd. which specialises in road and traffic safety facilities, and public security fixtures. For over thirty years, the company has been developing physical safety solutions that are environmentally friendly and in harmony with their surroundings. Public facility solutions include safety barriers for protecting drivers from collisions, along with bridge barriers, bicycle parking facilities, sound-proof walls, security fences, bus stops, sign boards, advertising towers, street lights, and mouldings among many others. It holds 13 patents and 500 protected designs.

These are their Innovative Guardrail Safety Rolling barriers.

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