How to build your startup team

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The fate of every startup rests on the shoulders of the startup team. The success of every startup depends on their idea, team, execution and marketing.

If any one of the above-mentioned is lacking, chances are that the startup will fail. Among them, the startup team is of great concern. After all, a single irresponsible, weak team member could take your dream startup down. As a consequence, you will lose your precious time, money and idea.

From the past few years, I have been studying about the startup teams of different startups. Here I share my opinions of a great startup team.

Building a dream Startup team

1. Roles & Positions

Roles and positions should be identified in the first place. Founders are the first to be assigned their roles and positions before anyone else. That is, who will lead the technical side, CTO and who will be the CMO or the CEO, all should be made clear as early as possible. This is the foundational structure of the startup team who makes decisions within the startup.

The next step is to sort out the positions needed to complete your startup team. It includes but not limited to developers, designers, programmers, marketers, salesmen, accountants and project managers. It depends on the type of your startup business idea, what its about and who you will need in your team.

When you note down all the team members that you will need in your startup team, next is to prioritise them. It’s important to hire the person you need in top priority rather than hiring the person you would need a year later. In a nutshell, hiring a programmer and a designer first and a sales and marketing guy later. Because you will build your product first and sell it later. Makes sense, Hah?

But before thinking about hiring them, let me tell you something!

2. Should I Hire?

In the early stages of a startup, you are limited in resources. You have limited amount of budget which you will utilise in many different needs like space and the internet. Hiring full-time employees is not a good decision in the starting.

Why? because of the limited amount of budget, paying an experienced talented employee isn’t affordable at this time and we are not looking for someone who could ruin our startup. Moreover, if the employee’s performance wasn’t satisfactory, it could be a waste of money.

So what can you do? You could consult advisors and friends in your circle who are industry experts. They may help you in one or the other way.

My honest suggestion would be hiring someone on a contract basis or may be on a part-time basis. They are not too expensive to be paid. And you can easily fire them if they are not performing well in your team and for your startup.

3. Who should I Hire?

It very important to hire the right kind of people. Talent and experienced ones who could make your startup successful. But where to find them?

Well! there are a lot of buzzes nowadays about startups. There are many events happening around where like-minded people gather and share their experience and talk about their interests. And now, more specific events are arranged which focus on such goals, known as the “Networking Events”. These events focus on social networking, You can find dozens of talented geeks for startups there. Meet and interact with them. Socialise yourself and invite him to a meeting.

When making a decision about hiring someone, consider these points.

  • They are experienced in the field you are hiring them for.
  • They are known for what they do. Investigate and confirm about them.
  • They aren’t greedy and will work for a limited salary or for a stake in the startup.
  • They are wholeheartedly interested and believe in your product or idea.

4. How should I Hire

Found them? Great! Let’s investigate who they are and what they can do. The Interview! Here is a brief guide on how you should conduct the interview. Some of the instructions mentioned in the The Wall Street Journal:

  • It’s better to interview the candidate in person or on a video call.
  • Prepare for the interview and create an agenda.
  • Write down important things during the interview to follow-up on later.
  • Ask questions about fact-finding, creative thinking, problem-solving, and behavioural
  • Observe his behaviour from arriving at to leaving the interview.
  • Judge him at a social place like at a cafeteria to know about his personality.

If he is up to the mark, hire him. It’s better to hire a person who has been with you for at least a month than to hire someone you haven’t spent time with. Because you can’t judge someone in one day.

5. Train him

You have found the right person as your startup team member and hired him as well. Is that it? No really. You have to train him now to be as you want him to be. So that he could better serve your startup and help you achieve your goals.

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